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Online Casino Games

Most people love to gamble at because of the thrill and excitement that come with it. Almost everyone used to travel to land based casinos to get their gamble on, but these days, thanks to the advent of the online casino, people are very able to gamble from the comfort of their own homes. There are many casinos online that offer many different online casino games, but which games are the best ones to play at?

Well to get a better understanding of this you need to know one thing only. That online casino games are only as good as the software company that makes them. There are just a few casino game software companies that truely make a good casino game that is truly enjoyable for all gamblers.

If you really like an online game that is interactive, then i-Slots is the game for you as they put you into an interactive game where you can become the star of the show and every move you make depends on what comes up when you spin the slot wheel. I-Slots was created by Rival Gaming which has been producing fair online casino games for many years.

Playtech is another gaming software maker that has been producing outstanding graphic online casino games with very fair winning percentages since 1999, so they have been doing this for over 10 years and have one of the most respectable reputations in the industry. This is another company that you cannot go wrong with so you should look for online casinos that use their software.

Cryptologic is a Toronto based online casino software maker that has been making casino games since 1995, so this was one of the oldest casino software makers in the world. They are very well known for their graphics and the jackpots that have been hit on their casino games. One person recently won a whopping $8 million on one of their progressive slot games. Microgaming is yet another great maker of online casino games that has been around for a while. They cap the list of software makers that are deemed very reliable. This review of online casino games will help you steer clear of any bad online casino games.


You have seen slot machines many times at any casino that you have travelled to. A slot machine is a gambling machine that has multiple reels (most of the times 3 or more) that will spin around when you push the button on the front or side of the machine. they are often called one-armed-bandits. they will either be setup to take chips, dollars, change or all of them. They are usually the most popular gambling games at the casinos. The person that was credited with the invention of the slot machine was Charles Fey, who was from the California Bay Area. The date of the invention is up for dispute but most put it at between 1887 and 1895, but whatever the date that it was invented, it was a game that set the gambling world on its heels and it exploded in popularity within a very short time of its inception. Anyone can play this fun game because of its simplicity.


Roulette is one of the most exciting gambling games on earth and there are many reasons for this. One reason is that they offer fantastic payouts on some of their bets so you can truely make alot of money on the roulette wheel if you get on a big luck streak. With roulette anything is possible. Roulette originally is a French word that means "little wheel". When you look to play the game you basically place your bets on a color or number and if the roulette ball lands on your number or color you win the bet. The ball is usually spun by a croupier whose job is to spin the wheel and make the payouts. The ball will usually slow down within a minute and that is when either you become a winner or a loser. many fortunes have been made at the roulette wheel.