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Welcome to our Free Casino Bonus site! We've put this site together to give people a chance to take advantage of all the free cash that online casinos are handing out. In Vegas, players who put down some cash can get comped rooms, meals, etc. In the online casino world, they can't give you rooms or free meals so they give you free money! Some offer more than others, there are even a few that offer free money with no deposit required.

On the front page we've featured some of the best casino bonuses but there are many more offers to be taken advantage of. Use the menu on the right to find the best online casino bonuses, online casino reviews, and progressive jackpots, or study up on some game rules and tips, and learn how to deposit money into casinos.

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Casino Games Bonuses is the Internet's top resource center for jogos casino br. Here you will find reviews of online casino games rules, casino games strategy, casino news and free casino games including blackjack, poker, slots, craps, and roulette.


Roulette- Systems - There are a number of systems around. The Martingale, the Reverse Martingale, the Labouchere, the d'Alembert - I don't like any of them much and if you want to find out about them you can read up about them elsewhere. They are all dangerous and involve doubling up on losses, or reducing and increasing stakes on wins or losses, and more complicated stake calculation. More than perhaps any other game - you need to be comfortable with what you are betting and need to be disciplined enough to set loss and profit figures in your mind before you begin playing.

There are ways to win at the game of roulette. Roulette produces random numbers yet it is a man-made or mechanical system. People have been able to predict (with mathematical aides e.g. computers) where that little white ball will end up on the carousel - maybe not the exact number each time, but certainly the right area.

Yet there are more practical examples. There have been individuals who have relieved the casino of large sums of cash through studying wheel bias. If you can find a wheel that is not a true random number generator, i.e. biased towards certain numbers, then you have the opportunity to beat the odds. The biased wheel is a very hard thing to find nowadays!

Blackjack- As with Roulette, avoid systems that involve doubling or increasing your bets to get your money back. Stick to good, solid play, to keep the house advantage to a minimum.

Card Counting - Card Counting is the original and best known way of getting even with the casino. The basic idea is that some cards like aces and tens, help a player, whilst others are detrimental, like fives and sixes. If you can count the good and bad cards you should have a better chance of knowing when a decent batch of cards is left to be dealt, at which time you up your stake.

Shuffle Tracking - is similar to card counting but can be more effective. When cards are placed into the discard pile, the player will notice when a group of good cards are lumped together. If another similar group of cards are placed there as well and shuffled together with the first group, then that is the area in the pack that needs to be targeted with increased bets when dealt in the next shoe. It's difficult but can be done with practice - apparently. (I am not yet at that level!)

Casino Stud Poker- Important: Don't bluff. Bin the hand if you have rubbish. Make sure you have at least an Ace and King in your hand before you bet. Otherwise don't bother.Problem: You want a big hand to ensure a high odds win - when it finally comes the dealer may not qualify. Depressing.

Craps- Because Come bets can be made continuously and they are just another Front Line bet - you can bet just these. You start with a Front Line and as soon as the Point is made take Odds and make a Come bet. Play as many as three Come Bets taking Odds on all of them. At your most vulnerable you will have four Front Line bets with four different Point numbers. You want to take down as many as you can by hitting their Point numbers. There is no legitimate way to 'beat' the game but house advantage is very low and it is great fun - so enjoy it.

Speeding up your Count in Blackjack

When counting cards at the blackjack table, speed is an important element. To help you keep ahead of the dealer try this technique. Instead of quietly saying "plus 1" or "minus 1," just say "one" for plus numbers and "mi-1" for minus numbers. If on a positive number there is no need to state, even subconsciously, "plus 1." When on the minus numbers use only one syllable such as "mi" instead of the two syllables 'minus." Do the same thing with "zero;" just say "Z." Using these one syllable words will speed up your card-counting technique considerably.